Annes Perfections has grown over the years to promote healthy living in all aspects of our lives. It was established in 2011 as a beauty industry to promote the enhancement of beauty not only through natural and quality products but through healthy living. We have evolved to be producers of healthy foods and promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption through art. Healthy eating is our hallmark and food safety is our goal. In 2008, we started off as a health and beauty enterprise providing health advice and beauty needs, such as facial treatment, nail enhancement, makeup and massage, to our clients.

In 2011 Annes Perfections was born to provide the health and beauty services to a larger group of people.


To provide healthy and safe foods to our customers, and quench their thirst for quality, safe and healthy products.



To make individuals own their health by making healthy choices without compulsion.

In 2014 Aps ventured into the fruit and vegetable art industry to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables through artistic and appealing ways. This became eminent due to W.H.O’s report on low intake of fruits and vegetables and its global decline though there are more individuals who know the benefits of fruits and vegetables to their wellbeing. According to the WHO Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Initiative, “up to 2.7 million lives could be saved annually with sufficient fruit and vegetable consumption” and the low fruit and vegetable intake is among the top 10 selected risk factors leading to global mortality (WHO, 2003).

APs added a new branch in 2019, which is the production of food such as cereal and peanut butter. This is to provide our clients with healthy and safe food products.

Our Specialties

Make-Up: Bridal, engagement, day, night, special occasion, etc. Bridal Hair Facial treatment Pedicure Manicure Nail Enhancement: Acrylic, Sculpture, French Tips, etc. Swedish and Indian Head Massage On sale of beauty products.

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